An Architectural Firm Office and Residence Built into a Former Auto-Repair Shop

Steven Pinker Discussing the Evolution of Profanity (from Bookninja)

Yahoo Disaster Scenario: Blowing Q1 by Henry Blodget
Perhaps it’s just me but I’ve never believed in Microsoft’s intentions to purchase Yahoo. They may very well end up doing it, but it will be on Microsoft terms. If it’s true that Microsoft is mostly interested in the human capital (which is what they’ve said), then they may be OK with destabilizing the Yahoo brand in order to get a discount on the actual heads they want. Anyways, this article is an interesting piece of speculation about what might occur should Yahoo miss its quarterly estimates.

Ridiculous Russian Mobster Tombstones (from Coudal)
A collection of tombstone photos.

The Trailer and Vignette for Pixar’s Wall*E
Adorable robots. I love ’em.

Tivo Series3 to Support YouTube
As a Series3 owner, this makes me happy and less likely to buy an AppleTV. Both Apple and Amazon have a long ways to go to round out their selection story in digital video.

6-Word Reviews of 763 SXSW Performances with links to free music!
I’ve just been clicking through and listening to the 5-star tracks. Good fun.

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